Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens will have a contract signing tonight to finalize their TLC Intercontinental Title match on Sunday. Roman Reigns has a date with Alberto Del Rio tonight, and you can bet Sheamus and the rest of the League of Nations will be nearby. “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler will clash once again tonight. The New Day will face The Usos and the Lucha Dragons at TLC on Sunday, but tonight they will battle Kalisto and Sin Cara. Paige will face Becky Lynch. All this and more tonight on WWE SmackDown for Dec. 10, 2015.

We will have live updates and video highlights of all the action coinciding with the SyFy broadcast at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT).


* Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Sheamus, Rusev, King Barrett) — Roman Reigns goes to pin Del Rio after dropping him with a Superman Punch, but the League of Nations pull him out on the floor to protect him. This brings out the Usos and Dean Ambrose to back up Reigns and all hell breaks loose causing the match to end via disqualification.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze (with Summer Rae) — Breeze walks into a super kick from Ziggler that puts him down for the finish.

* The New Day’s Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston (with Big E) vs. Lucha Dragons — Kalisto finishes Xavier with a Solida del Sol.

* Contract signing with Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. Owen’s attorney is there instead of Owens, along with Ambrose. … Owens comes out and attacks Ambrose before he can sign the contract. They battle outside the ring for a few moments before Owens makes his exit and leaves his attorney in the ring. Ambrose hits the attorney with a Dirty Deeds, then signs the contract.

* Ryback vs. The Ascension (2 on 1 handicap match) — Rusev and Lana are ringside for guest commentary. Ryback finishes The Ascension with a Shellshock. Ryback goes to confront Rusev after the match but he uses Lana as a shield and takes his leave. These two will face off on Sunday.

* Paige vs. Becky Lynch — Becky submits Paige with a Disarmer. Charlotte stands with Becky after the win.

* Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos vs. Rusev, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, King Barrett (4 vs 4 match) — Reigns finishes Rusev with a Spear.


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