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Top-ranked featherweights Frankie Edgar (19-4-1) and Chad Mendes (17-3) will collide in the TUF 22 Finale main event this Friday, Dec. 11 in Las Vegas. Frankie is currently ranked number 2 in the division, is on a four-fight win streak, and will likely get a shot at the title and the winner of UFC 194’s Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo, should he get past Mendes.

“The Answer” was kind enough to answer a few of our questions despite it being fight week and having to deal with final preparations, cutting weight and all the rest.

PMN: Hi Frankie, thanks for talking with us here in this final stretch leading up to your fight with Chad Mendes. Has anything been different for you in this camp, did you have to make any adjustments for Chad?

FRANKIE: Nothing has been different in the camp but we always tailor all our camps for our specific opponent.

PMN: How important is this fight for you and what you want to accomplish before you retire?

FRANKIE: I see all fights as equally important because every fight result leads to the next opportunity.

PMN: If you defeat Chad, then you’re likely next in line for the winner of McGregor vs. Aldo. Do you have a preference on who wins that fight — why or why not?

FRANKIE: When I defeat Chad I won’t have a preference because I just want the opportunity to fight for the belt.

PMN: That fight is also in Vegas, the night after your fight. Will you be ringside for that fight and do you honestly think McGregor could dethrone Aldo?

FRANKIE: I’ll be there watching and knowing anything can happen in the fight game.

PMN: What’s your favorite aspect of training these days?

FRANKIE: There are several aspects that I love and draw me to the gym daily. First, my team. Our comradery is great and lots of fun, but specific to a training activity, Mauy Thai has been good.

PMN: How has life been for you since the Reebok deal went into place and are you happy with your sponsorship money compared to before?

FRANKIE: We are in an adjustment period so it’s gonna take some time for the deal to mature and pinpoint where we stand as fighters.

PMN: Thoughts on hard sparring and how often?

FRANKIE: Hard sparring is the given to many, but hard intelligent sparring is what we practice with proper match ups and experience levels to ensure great sparring workouts.

PMN: You’ve been fighting professionally for over a decade now. How much longer do you see yourself competing?

FRANKIE: I don’t like to put a number on it but as long as my body, mind and motivation is strong I will continue to step into the octagon.

PMN: If you could change one thing about the sport of MMA right now, what would it be?

FRANKIE: I feel the thing that needed to change was the performance enhancing aspect and the UFC has made great stride in addressing this issue.

PMN: What’s the first CD or album you remember owning?

FRANKIE: Guns & Roses Appetite for Destruction.

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