Watch Ronda Rousey break the Periscope meter during UFC 193 open workout

There are superstars. Then there is Ronda Rousey. It’s like gone to another level. Some say we’re nearing or have surpassed overexposure. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, the girl is still making her professional MMA opponents look like practice dummies for the most part. How she does it with all the distractions, all the commercials, the movies, the interviews, the Mom, the Coach, it’s all chaos. And that’s where this girl seems to thrive. She’s the real deal. Here’s to hoping she can hold it all together. If anyone can, she can. And if not, she’ll learn from it.

Now watch how she broke the Periscope meter during today’s UFC 193 open workouts in Melbourne. Keep in mind, this is not the fight. This is nearly 1.6 million viewers watching a workout on Periscope. That shit is ridiculous. Rousey faces unbeaten former boxing champion Holly Holm Saturday on Pay-Per-View in front of Etihad Stadium’s 70,000 fans.

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