EXCLUSIVE: Mark from FanBoyFlicks talks Star Wars with PMN


I am a huge Mark of the Fanboy well, fan. Mark does one of the greatest services to mankind someone could possibly perform. He watches awful, awful films at our request so we don’t have to.

The popular Youtube channel he runs is called FANBOYFLICKS and he takes suggestions from his Facebook, and occasionally Twitter for movies to sit through.

My personal favorites are Wicker Man, Samurai Cop, Troll 2, Hawkeye, and Lady in the Water. They involve a lot of pain, skits, and drinking. Lots, and lots of drinking.

I recently spoke with Mark in the first of several, hopefully many interviews to come. We jumped right in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens head first. Check out the highlights.

When I was growing up and I got in to Star Wars, probably when I was like ten, I was looking forward to the prequels when I heard they were coming out. I still didn’t get the same feeling I did watching those as I did for the Force Awakens.

If anything my first reaction to the trailer was I felt like I could enjoy Star Wars again. For many years there when I was a teenager and in my twenties when the prequels were coming out – I just lost my passion for Star Wars. I didn’t enjoy those movies. My first reaction to the Force Awakens trailer was that I felt like a kid again watching the originals.

JJ Abrams directing, I do not have a problem with that. Some people don’t like his movies, but I do. I just felt like it was really Star Wars again. I felt like a kid again.

It felt like there was real emotion behind it. There was emotion. It wasn’t like they were trying to make a visually crazy looking movie like the prequels were. The prequels were about trying to jam all of this stuff in to a frame. Episode VII’s trailer felt like there was a lot of emotion.

In several of the videos I did for Star Wars week I talked about the prequels why I liked the lightsaber fights for the original trilogies more than the prequels. The prequels looked entertaining, but the ones in the trilogy, there was just more character in them. It had a reason. That’s why this trailer was so good. There was character and emotion. That was just from the trailer, we haven’t even seen the movie yet.

Please support Mark and his channel. He does us all a great service by watching crap so we do not have to. God Bless you Mark, God bless you, sir.


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