JJ Abrams is one of the most respected directors of our generation. Oh, and he happened to reboot Star Trek from near death and is responsible for the most anticipated movie EVER in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He recently spoke with Extra about the absence of Luke Skywalker in the trailers as “no accident” and that trailer #3 was the last official one.

On the topic of no more trailers:

We’re getting very close, the next thing’s really gonna be the movie. There will be commercials, but no more trailers… We’ve all been working really hard to give people something that will be special to them. Our fingers are just very tightly crossed that when people see the movie they’ll like it.

 There are many, many theories about Luke Skywalker turning to the dark side, being Kylo Ren, guarding ancient relics, and the list goes on. Notably he has been absent from all of the trailers except his voice and what looks to be a metal hand. Here’s what Abrams had to say.

I saw that too, I’m always interested in seeing people’s theories. What’ll be cool when people finally see the movie and see what it really is. Hopefully some people will say, ‘I was right,’ other people will be like, ‘All right! You want people to be debating things even before the movie comes out, it’s a dream!’

When the third trailer hit, the internet exploded. It got 112M views in 24 hours. That number is staggering and an indication of how much money this film will make when all is said and done. Watch the last and official trailer again!

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