Warning: The following article contains possible spoilers! If you do not want to know what is probably going to happen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEAVE NOW!



If you are still here – let’s do this


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First off, let’s be honest. This one is obvious.

  • Kylo Ren is the son of Han and Leia.
  • His light saber is designed to keep him from making the same mistake his uncle Luke, and grandfather Anakin, Darth Vader. Meaning, the cross guards prevent him from losing a hand.Star-Wars-Kylo-Ren-Adam-Driver-Trailer
  • He is after Anakin’s lightsaber because he believes it is his birthright. One of his toys flat out says, “That weapon belongs to me”. Most likely this is the reason for his fight with Finn at the end of trailer #3. Finn is wielding the blue light saber Luke had in a New Hope.finn-lightsaber-2-670x342
  • He is most likely disappointed that his father, Han Solo, is without force abilities.
  • He has no true master to train under so he trained himself. The whole appeal of the darkside is its seductive nature and ease of which someone can fall victim to it.
  • Leia and Han find out their son is Kylo Ren and that is the reason for the tearful reunion in trailer #3.why-is-leia-crying-155991
  • He is the twin brother of the female lead character, Rey.
  • Kylo Ren idolizes his grandfather. He believes that it is his destiny to be as powerful as Vader was, and more.
  • He most likely wants to kill Luke as Vader could not. That is why he is a part of the First Order and The Knights of Ren.

These are just the main plot points I have worked out. More Star Wars theories to come!

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