Tonight’s episode of Raw will feature a Miz TV segment with guests Becky Lynch and new WWE Divas champ Charlotte. Also, U.S. Champion John Cena will extend his open challenge, but who will answer the call? What’s next for Kane and his apparent split personality that loves torturing Seth Rollins? We’ve also got the ongoing saga between the Wyatt Family and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. All this and more tonight on Raw.

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* John Cena opens the show with an open challenge for his U.S. Title. This brings out New Day and Xavier Woods accepts the challenge. Now we know there’s no way Mr. Woods is going to win this right? … Cena comes close to submitting Woods but his New Day teammates Kofi Kingston and Big E ambush the U.S. Champion. Dudley Boyz come in to get Cena’s back and run New Day off.

* Corporate Kane makes an “impromptu” match between New Day vs. John Cena, Dudley Boyz — Kofi finishes D-Von with a Trouble in Paradise head kick while he’s distracted by Xavier Woods and Bubba Ray.

* Kane is informed backstage by The Authority that there’s been a complaint filed against him for an “unsafe work environment” and they’ve hired someone to investigate the situation and assess his performance. Rollins shows up and it’s insinuated he of course filed the “anonymous” complaint.

* Big Show vs. Mark Henry — Big Show wins with a KO punch.

* Miz TV segment with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Charlotte calls out Paige but Team Bella comes out instead. As they are about to throw down, Paige comes out to help her teammates. Team PCB runs off the Bellas and Alicia Fox.

* Team Bella vs. Team PCB — Paige starts to walk off from her team and Nattie comes out to take her spot but Paige won’t allow it and attacks her. This distraction allows Nikki to finish Charlotte with a Rack Attack.

* Prime Time Players (Darren Young, Titus O’Neil) vs. Braun Strowman, Luke Harper — Strowman with a standing choke on Titus O’Neil and he goes unconscious.

* Neville vs. Stardust — After some back and forth, King Barrett comes out and delivers Bull Hammers to both Neville and Stardust. “All hail the return of the King,” says Barrett and that’s it.

* As Kane is about to find out the results of his performance evaluation, Rollins comes out. Rollins tells the investigator that Kane is not who she thinks he is. The lady gives Kane a rave review, calling him the “perfect employee”. She also says, “If anyone needs to be evaluated, it’s Seth Rollins.” And calls him “unprofessional”. Rollins goes into the ring to confront Kane and he drops his Heavyweight Title. Kane goes to pick it up and Rollins attacks him with a Pedigree. Rollins then grabs a folding chair and works him over badly. Rollins even puts his leg in between the folding chair and jumps on it. Looks brutal. Kane’s carried off in a stretcher. After he’s loaded into the ambulance the windows turn red, smoke pours out and Demon Kane walks out and comes after Rollins who hits his leg with the chair but it has no effect. Kane unleashes hell upon the heavyweight champ until he finally escapes a Tombstone Piledriver and runs out.

* Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas — Randy finishes him with an RKO. No surprise there.

* Kevin Owens vs. Rusev — Bout is called after Ryback interferes. But Owens and Rusev team up on Ryback. Ziggler comes out to help and super kicks Rusev.

* Paul Heyman cuts a promo for Brock Lesnar’s upcoming match with Big Show at Madison Square Garden. Big Show interrupts Heyman and cuts his own promo. Heyman storms off. Big Show tells Heyman he wants him to imagine a future without Lesnar.

* Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt — After Reigns goads Wyatt for bringing his “training wheels” (Strowman and Harper), Bray sends Luke and Braun away. The fight goes out into the stands where Wyatt tosses one of the tech guys around and smashes Reigns through the barricade. Reigns spears Wyatt through the media table to end the show, and they’re both laid out.


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