WWE’s incompetent booking continues at Night of Champions


I used to be a big WWE fan.

I have tried and tried over the years to like it again. Every time they get something right they get ten things wrong. Last night at Night of Champions on their WWE Network they showed once again that they cannot tell a story and that John Cena will always make WWE champions look extremely weak as long as senile Vince McMahon and his sycophants are alive. I’m looking at you Kevin Dunn…

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins, their WWE champion cleanly to win back his US championship. What’s wrong with that picture. John Cena, a contender for the US championship defeated Seth Rollins, their flagship title holder by pinfall. What does that say about their mindset?

First off they are afraid to take risks. News flash booking team – you don’t have to have a title around John Cena to continue to sell his merchandise. That’s what it comes down to. It is no secret that they rely on him for everything. As soon as they went PG that was it, all realistic characters went by the wayside and fans were disenfranchised. At least the ones who live on their own and are over ten. John Cena was their only bankable star and he is no Rock or Austin.

HHH hogs the spotlight and they haven’t booked one champion strongly since he began sticking his gigantic nose in the business. Rollins is a paper champion that has zero credibility right now with anyone. He could be Macho Man Randy Savage in that he would be unbeatable. He should wrestle a great match but cheat to win. Again, Seth Rollins jobbed to a contender for the US championship. Just reminding you of that fact.

Sting is back! Oh wait….He lost to HHH and was verbally humiliated while doing so thanks to disrespectful, shameful commentary by JBL at Wrestlemania. Fire JBL please because he sucks beyond sucking. Why would you put a known bully on the microphone spouting anti-bully rhetoric anyway? Another WWE failure. I return to my topic here. Sting lost again last night and we are all left asking why he returned just to job. He is a true wrestling icon.

It’s obvious to all of the people who remember wrestling as great and not garbage why he is booked like that. Hunter has always had a chip on his shoulder for never reaching the popularity of The Rock and Steve Austin. HHH obviously feels that he is doing Sting a favor and throwing him a bone by graciously putting a WCW lesser lifeform in his mind in the main event. Sting is an icon Hunter and you are a freaking moron. Fans want to see Sting win and they see through the political BS. They remember him as being bigger than you ever were and that apparently pisses you off. You have a notoriously over sized ego that kills careers when you have power. Kevin Nash anyone?

The bottom line? Sting will end up getting a win over Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, or maybe even Bray Wyatt, but never against any of Vince’s favorites like HHH the executive suit would. Rollins will continue to be misused and underappreciated.