Join us tonight for live updates and video highlights of WWE’s Monday Night Raw in Memphis starting at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).


* HHH and Stephanie McMahon open show promoting Seth Rollins upcoming title matches against John Cena and Sting at Night of Champions. Steph announces Nikki Bella will put her Divas Title on the line tonight against Charlotte. HHH announces for the first time in history Sting will be competing tonight against Big Show on Raw.

* Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs. Prime Time Players — Kofi comes off the ropes on Titus O’Neil for the finish. As they celebrate after the match the Dudley Boyz come out on the stage and tell New Day not to forget about them as they will meet at Night of Champions.

* Backstage Renee interviews Charlotte and her father Ric Flair. Ric cuts a promo for his daughter’s fight and they both “Woo!” it out.

* Paige (with Team PCB’s Becky Lynch) vs. Sasha Banks (with Team B.A.D.’s Naomi, Tamina) — Sasha taps Paige out with a Bank Statement. Team B.A.D. attacks Paige and Becky after the match.

* Miz TV segment with the Wyatt Family. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns interrupt it and beat down Miz to start with. Reigns informs Bray they found a third partner to team up with against them at Night of Champions.

* Sheamus vs. John Cena — Cena finishes Sheamus via AA.

* Intercontinental Champion Ryback comes out to talk to the crowd but is soon confronted by Kevin Owens. They exchange words but are saving it for Night of Champions.

* The Ascension, Stardust vs. Lucha Dragons, Neville — Neville and the Dragons don’t even wait for the bell and all three attack The Ascension and Stardust and run them off. Disqualification.

* Divas Championship: Charlotte (with Paige, Becky Lynch) vs. Nikki Bella (c) (with Brie, Alicia Fox) — The Bellas pull a switcheroo but it backfires and Charlotte pins Brie. Charlotte is originally declared the winner of the title but Stephanie comes out and announces that Charlotte did win but it was by disqualification and therefore not for the title.

* Rusev (with Summer Rae) vs. Cesaro — Dolph Ziggler shows up ringside with a “gift” for Summer. Really it’s a distraction that allows Cesaro to get the win. Ziggler gives Rusev a super kick after the fight. Summer kept the gift by the way. It’s a little present wrapped up in pink paper and a ribbon. Rusev is pissed after the match and storms backstage. Summer opens the present and it appears to be some kind of jewelry. She’s pleased.

* HHH and Steph tell Big Show backstage that he is the “problem solver” and Sting is the problem.

* Big Show, Seth Rollins vs. John Cena, Sting — This was originally going to be a singles match between Big Show and Sting but Rollins came out to help Big Show, then John Cena came to Sting’s aid. The Authority then made it a tag team match. Sting submits Rollins with a Scorpion Death Lock.


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