Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm is the bout that was announced as the headliner for UFC 195 on Jan. 2, 2016. But Miesha Tate was originally told she would be the next to face Rousey, following Cupcake’s domination of Jessica Eye in July which was her fourth straight win. In this interview on the street from TMZ, Tate talks about her surprise at finding out about Holm taking her spot against Rousey and why she feels the UFC made that choice.

Cris Cyborg backs up the enemy of her enemy and states that she thinks Tate should have gottenĀ the next title shot and it should be about who deserves it more, not just who will potentially sell more pay-per-views. Cyborg is then asked if she could say one thing to Ronda, what would it be, and she says, “I’m ready, let’s go!”

But really she’s not ready. First she has to make the weight. According to the UFC, who will be making the fight, Cyborg has to show that she can make 135-pounds. Until then, there’s no fight, so ball is in your court Cyborg. Let’s do this thing already. Coincidentally, Holly Holm, Cyborg and Tate are all working on a new film together in Philadelphia called Fight Valley: Knockaround Girls. Maybe Tate and the girls are exchanging strategies on how to topple MMA’s reigning queen.

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