Wait what? McGregor opens as odds on favorite over Aldo


I am living in a UFC alternate dimension. Anderson Silva got knocked out, Rafael Dos Anjos is lightweight champion, TJ Dillashaw destroyed Renan Baroa, and Fabricio Werdum finally become HW champion. Four or five years ago these weren’t predictions anyone made other than the fighters themselves. Then comes our next revelation.

Conor Freakin’ McGregor opens as the odds on favorite over current champion Jose Aldo. The interim champ is a better bet than the current one?

This was reported by MMAWeekly

According to Bovada, one of the leading oddsmakers for mixed martial arts, the line on the fight opened with McGregor nearly a 2-to-1 favorite at -190, while Aldo stood at +155. What that means is if you were to place a bet on McGregor, you would have to bet $190 to win $100 in return (for a total payout of $290, including your original bet). If you put money on Aldo, a $100 bet would score you a win of $155, should he claim victory (a total payout of $255, including your original bet.

McGregor is amazing that is true, but Jose Aldo is incredible in his own right. Sure Aldo is coming off an injury. McGregor as the favorite because of this? Maybe they feel Aldo is on ice and Conor is on a roll, but do not tell me you saw this coming.

There is a great chance I will be betting on Aldo because I still have faith in his abilities and I have seen the hype train crash more than once.

What do you think? Are the odds makers insane?

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