Tim Kennedy trashes Reebok, No response from UFC

Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy was on the MMA Hour and as usual he was in rare form and outspoken. This time it was about the Reebok sponsorship because hey, no one is talking about that right? It was pretty scathing.

Where the sport is now, it’s horrible, tragic, and pathetic. Glover just fought OSP, right? The entire Reebok payout was $100,000 or something? All, every athlete on the entire UFC card that night. I made more sponsorship money in Strikeforce than every single athlete on that card that night. In one fight! Me vs. Luke Rockhold or me vs. Jacare. Even my last fight, me versus Zak Cummings. I made more than every single UFC athlete, to include Glover, who just fought for the title against Jon Jones, cumulatively.

We all know the UFC’s vindictiveness when it comes to athletes criticizing their Reebok sponsorship deal. It’s not going to end well for Kennedy if someone is having a bad day in the UFC front offices. Only time will tell if he is reprimanded or fired. Stay tuned!

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