Floyd Mayweather Jr. books tomato can as farewell bout

Fight a bunch of these and you too could possibly get a UFC contract!
Andre Berto – actual photo

Andre Berto is one of the most deserving fighters ever to get a crack at Floyd Mayweather’s perfect 48-0 record – said no one ever.

Andre Berto is 3-3 in his last 6 fights and he is the next in line for a shot at “Money” whose six-fight contract with Showtime expires after the fight. He says he’s done after that. If your nickname is Money there is no way you would ever stop fighting if you make hundreds of millions of dollars a fight.

According to Yahoo Sports he’ll meet Berto on Sept. 12 at the MGM Grand Garden in a pay-per-view bout distributed by Showtime.

Also. there is a brand new arena opening on the Vegas Strip in April. There is already much speculation he’s going to be the opening act so is this really going to be it for him?

For the next 7 weeks we will continue to not give a crap about this fight as Mayweather prepares for it. No one asked for this fight and there are certainly more deserving fighters out there, which is why Floyd didn’t pick those guys for sure. He will retire at 49-0 and I think you would agree he will fight once more to make it an even 50-0 against another can.

No one wanted this fight except Floyd.

When I buy a PPV I want to see top tier fighters letting it fly. Sure, Berto was 27-0 starting out, but that’s a time long past. The “best fighter in the world” is facing a tomato can in Berto the equivalent of a knock off brand on the shelves next to Campbell’s.

It’s not enough Berto is not up to par, no sir. Mayweather made sure it would be someone he might be able to actually knockout highlight style. Money has decision grind-ed 8 of his last 9 opponents. A GSP cringe worthy marathon matches of boxing’s equivalent of wrestle-humping, albeit standing up.

It’s a shame Mayweather’s team doesn’t book the fights we want to see anymore, at least not when we want it. *cough* Pacquiao *cough* It’s the ones that are safest at the time and can still make the most money. This fight baffles the analytical mind and tests your boxing sanity.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on September 12th. Don’t be there.

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