WWE Monday Night Raw 7/20/15 live results, updates, video highlights

wwe raw logoGuess who’s back? The Undertaker spoiled Brock Lesnar’s title hopes last night at Battleground and Seth Rollins walked away with his heavyweight belt. What will be the fallout and who will is next in line to challenge for Rollins’ title? Oh and the Deadman is confirmed for Raw tonight. What’s next for Roman Reigns after Luke Harper’s interference cost Reigns his match against Bray Wyatt at Battleground? Charlotte Flair took out Team Bella after submitting Brie with a figure-four last night. How will Team Bella respond and what’s on the horizon for Team Paige and her NXT partners? What’s next for Randy Orton after RKO’ing Sheamus at Battleground? Also, John Cena retained his U.S. Title against Kevin Owens — now what? All this and more tonight on Monday Night Raw!

Join us for live updates and video highlights starting at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).

* Undertaker opens the show and announces he’s officially resurrected and coming for Lesnar.

* HHH teases Undertaker vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam. He plans to tell Lesnar and Paul Heyman not to show up tonight as they will get their shot at Undertaker at SummerSlam.

* Charlotte (with Becky Lynch, Paige) vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki, Alicia Fox) — Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina on guest commentary. Charlotte taps Brie out once again with a Figure-8 (figure four while in a backbend).

* We see HHH backstage on a phone call with Paul Heyman telling him not to let Brock show up tonight. Miz is pestering HHH and he tells him he’ll be facing Big Show tonight.

* Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores — New Day comes out and distracts PTP which sets up a finish from the Los Matadores.

* The Miz vs. Big Show — Big Show finishes Miz with a splash off the middle ropes.

* Paul Heyman shows up backstage and HHH agrees to let him deliver a retort. Lesnar is not with him. … HHH and Steph then enlist the help of all the wrestlers backstage, saying they need to help keep Lesnar away from Undertaker if he shows up tonight.

* Heyman delivers his message, saying, “You can sell your soul to the Devil, but your ass belongs to Brock Lesnar.” The lights go out. The gong sounds. Undertaker appears in the ring. … Here comes Lesnar rushing in and they clash. HHH rallies the troops to come help break it up and Undertaker and Lesnar are surrounded by all the WWE superstars trying to separate them. After several minutes of struggling and each guy escaping to land some punches on the other, they are pulled apart for now. … The struggle then continues backstage and Lesnar is ultimately cuffed and escorted off the premises by the police.

* Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper deliver a message for Roman Reigns.

* Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt) vs. Roman Reigns (with Dean Ambrose) — Wyatt interferes causing Harper’s DQ. Reigns goes after Wyatt and Ambrose also gets involved. Wyatt and Harper whip up on both of them a bit, but it’s Reigns and Ambrose left standing in the ring as Wyatt and Harper are run off.

* Seth Rollins delivers a message about his win over Lesnar at Battleground and how he feels unappreciated as champion. … Here comes John Cena. He makes it known he wants the shot at Rollins’ title. They almost come to blows but Rollins doesn’t want any.

* Sasha Banks, Naomi vs. Becky Lynch, Paige — Sasha taps out Paige with a Bank Statement submission.

* Lana sees Summer Rae backstage and she looks and is dressed just like Lana. Rusev loves Summer’s makeover and kisses her in front of Lana. Lana doesn’t like this. Summer then slaps Lana before leaving.

* Cesaro, Randy Orton, John Cena vs. Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Rusev — Rusev is left all alone after Sheamus gets into an argument with Kevin Owens and walks off. Then Rusev and Owens argue and Owens leaves the Russian to fend for himself. Lana comes out and attacks Summer Rae as a little payback from Summer slapping her earlier. … Cena hits Rusev with an AA. Cesaro then slingshots Rusev into an RKO finish from Orton. Good show.