Ladies and gents one of the best in the universe is stepping back in to the cage.  Just in case you missed Jack Bratcher’s post on Fedor coming out of retirement here is the link.

It was almost instaneous that someone stepped up and called him out on their official website. Who is crazy enough to call out Fedor?

This guy:




That’s right. The guy Fedor knocked out in highlight reel fashion in the first round. Andrei Arlovski made the call-out on his website as soon as he heard.

If Fedor is coming back, he should come back to the best MMA organization in the world and UFC is that. I have always sought out to right the wrong in my career and have been very successful so far. He is who I want to take on next!

That’s the fight everyone wants to see right now and I want to deliver what my fans want!!

Is Arlovski crazy? Does he have a chance this time around?

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