Travis Browne

UFC heavyweight Travis Browne’s manager John Fosco has spoken out about the domestic abuse allegations lobbed at his client by wife Jenna Renee Webb. Fosco tells TMZ that his client is innocent in the matter and they think Webb is trying to smear Browne’s name after finding out he cheated on her with another woman. Webb claims the incident happened back in February but did not go to the police and has no plans to.

Fosco tells MMAFighting that Browne and Webb are going through a divorce and  haven’t seen each other in five weeks. And he questions Webb’s credibility:

“We look forward to complying and I just would ask people to really ask themselves a question and that’s if you’re a victim of domestic abuse or you know a victim of domestic abuse is the best course of action or is it an authentic course of action to go onto Instagram when someone has two children and a family and a job and post something in the court of public opinion? Or is to go to the proper authorities like law enforcement and make a report? I think we have to look at the credibility of the behavior.”

This whole thing is just bad no matter how you look at it. It’s bad for everyone and no one wins. The only won that could win here is if the matter is investigated and Browne’s name is cleared of any wrongdoing. Fosco says they are “excited” the UFC is having the situation investigated and that is what should happen.

One thought on “Travis Browne’s manager denies abuse allegations against his client”
  1. Yeah, so he shows his “honesty” by cheating and now the world should trust that someone who has built up a successful personal brand beat herself up to fake domestic abuse? Because him being unfaithful to one of the hottest women on the planet isn’t enough to take to a tabloid?

    What time is Elvis and Bigfoot going to testify in his favor?

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