Is this the plot for Jackman’s final Wolverine film?


Wolverine is ageless, almost immortal according to Fox’s X-Men franchise. Hugh Jackman and his portrayal of the iconic X-man is not apparently. 2017 will likely be the last Wolverine film featuring Jackman and maybe the character for a while.

A rumor suggests Hugh Jackman might be able to give the character a final goodbye via the Old Man Logan comic story line.

Heroic Hollywood‘s El Mayimbe started, or “confirmed” the rumor during a recent appearance on Popcorn Talk. (The Wolverine stuff begins around 39:15 if you’re curious.) Nothing was confirmed, but he did say he was “looking in to it”.

The story was w ritten by Mark Millar and inked by Steve McNiven. Old Man Logan ran for eight issues from 2008 to 2009 and unfolds, in what else, but a dystopian future where diabolical super villains are the rulers of the world. To make matters worse all of the superheroes have been eradicated. Logan is no longer Wolverine at this point. Something in his past caused the abandonment of the role of hero. He leads a life much like he did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but in a much more accepted way by fans. He has a wife and kids and since he needs money to pay for rent, food, and such he takes on a job to lead a now blind Hawkeye across country to deliver a package.

Old Man Logan would be an epic conclusion, BUT the arc features a lot of Marvel characters that Fox doesn’t have the rights to, including Hawkeye, the Hulk, Mysterio, Kingpin, and surprisingly the Red Skull.

This is the only rumor so far to surface and since it is not due to be released until 2017 we can expect more for sure.

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