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Let’s be honest and say that the UFC and WWE are often seen as lawsuit targets because they are image conscious and would not like the bad press. WWE may have a rep for some shady booking, but safety is not a joke to them. In the latest lawsuit filed against them things got ridiculous and I support WWE fully despite the claims against them.

ABCNews reported the following.

Konstantine Kyros, who represents the wrestlers, denies those allegations. He said he has been retained by dozens of former WWE performers who all have health problems related to being dropped on their heads too many times.

He said each of them suffered repeated concussions and sub-concussive injuries after performing up to hundreds of times a year.

He said he will argue the statute of limitations doesn’t apply when medical conditions manifest themselves years after the events that caused them.

Kyros made it clear that he would not back down.

What the WWE lawsuit is doing is trying to do is prevent some of the most storied performers in the history of the organization from having their day in court

From WWE:

WWE filed a lawsuit in Connecticut to protect the company from a series of fraudulent claims made by a Massachusetts attorney regarding alleged concussion-related injuries. A few examples of such false allegations from this lawyer include:

· Claims in two different federal courts that five individuals died prematurely due to head injuries when in fact all five individuals are alive today.

· Falsely stating that an individual’s years of performance with WWE spanned 22 years from 1985 through 2007, when in fact the individual performed for only 2 years (1985-1986 and 1992-1993) and made one appearance in 2007.

· Alleging that head injury led to the death of a morbidly obese former performer who died of a heart attack years after last performing for WWE.

· A claim that an individual suffered from deafness allegedly due to head injury when said individual has publicly stated that he was deaf since birth.

· Claiming that head injury led to the accidental drug overdose of a former performer over 20 years after he last performed.

It is unfortunate that some former performers have been improperly recruited under the guise of a big ‘pay day’, and we feel badly that these individuals are being misled and exploited.”

According to sources, Robert Windham, who wrestled under the name “Blackjack Mulligan,” is one of those named in WWE’s lawsuit, along with James “Koko B.” Ware and Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington.

Windham said, “Sargent Slaughter once went nuts on me and beat me unconscious with a turnbuckle. My jaw was broken. I lost teeth. I blacked out.”

He also says his son became a drug addict because of them and that his son’s “lights are on, but nobody is home anymore.”

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