Three worst non-famous MMA fighters ever


Yesterday I posted the 3 worst non famous boxers in history so today it’s MMA’s turn. Scott “Lionheart Blevins” is not included on this list because it is well documented he is the worst in history and does not have the heart of a lion.

3. Can

No clue who this guy is but he is TERRIBLE. Lionheart Blevins could make it one full minute in an MMA fight with this guy. Sad, just sad.

2. Dave Mason

Looking like Lionheart Blevins’s clone he fights like it, too.

1. Jeremy Bullock

This guy – he should be dead by all accounts. This is what tae kwon do will get you in a fight with anyone who has any skill. It was reported that he suffered many, many severe injuries that immobilized him for months, and he never mentally recovered enough to fight again.

There you have it. The three absolute worst fighters of all time.

Honorable mention: Michael Gay

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