Is this Diego Sanchez’s next opponent?


Alright ladies and gentlemen it might be on for “The Dream” or “Nightmare”, whatever he is calling himself nowadays. Diego Sanchez is a name in the UFC and that means he has a target on his back for people trying to advance their careers. A win over Sanchez would mean a lot to an up and coming fighter, or better yet an aging one.

Enter 37 year old Tatsuya Kawajiri who just beat Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night: Berlin.

Kawajiri almost immediately called Sanchez out behind the scenes and then took to Twitter to make it public.

川尻達也tatsuya kawajiri ✔@CRUSHER_MMA
Alright, @DiegoSanchezUFC let’s fight! Just wait and see. I am the one that is going to take POTN and W.

Who didn’t see this response coming from the fearless Sanchez.

@CRUSHER_MMA@shafi@ufc It’s on then let’s do #war

8:30 PM – 29 Jun 2015

Kawajiri is 2-1 in the UFC and is a veteran of 44 fights. Diego Sanchez is 4-5 in his last nine and definitely on the downswing of his career. This is most likely going to be a fireball of a fight if it is made in terms of intensity. Both of these fighters usually bring it and fight to win instead of fighting not to lose.

There has been no acknowledgement from Dana who is usually quick to pick up on call outs because it usually means more interest in the fight come event time. If Sanchez fights like he did against Pearson he could very well lose this one, especially if Kawajiri puts on another strong performance.

Does this fight interest you?

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