smackdown2Real-time television updates from WWE SmackDown airing on SyFy Thursday, June 18, 2015.

* Mr. Money In The Bank Sheamus opens the show saying no one will stand in his way on his rise to the top. Cue the music for Dean Ambrose. After a few words exchanged between the two, Kane makes an entrance and instantly makes a 2-on-1 handicap match with himself and Sheamus taking on Ambrose. Roman Reigns comes to Ambrose’s aid and they run them off. Kane and Sheamus technically win the match via disqualification.

* In a backstage interview Reigns says Bray Wyatt better find him before he finds Wyatt.

* Brie Bella vs. Paige — Alicia Fox interferes by knocking Paige off the ropes from behind and this allows Brie to pick up the win.

* Cesaro interrupts a Kevin Owens interview challenging him to a match and saying, “Just so there’s no miscommunication, I put my hands on you first” and then shoved him. No match for now.

* Dolph Ziggler (with Lana) vs. Bo Dallas — Ziggler pins Dallas as Rusev (on crutches) watches backstage. Lana and Ziggler kiss after the match and Rusev is furious.

* Neville vs. Xavier Woods (with Big E, Kofi Kingston) — PrimeTime Players come out to get Neville’s back and all hell breaks loose. Neville takes to the top rope and lays the Red Arrow on Woods.

* Seth Rollins takes to the ring to discuss Brock Lesnar’s return and their upcoming rematch. Rollins says he can’t wait.

* Reigns and Ambrose are backstage and Reigns is seen thinking about Bray Wyatt’s creepy predator-ish video where he was holding and staring at a picture of Reigns with his daughter and giving some cryptic message.

* Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro — Owens finishes Cesaro with a pop-up power bomb.

* Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus, Kane — Reigns looks to be about to win when Wyatt comes over the Titantron singing “My Little Teapot” while looking at the photo of Reigns with his daughter. So creepy. This distracts Reigns and Sheamus ends him with a Brogue Kick. “Happy Father’s Day, Roman. Run,” are Wyatt’s parting words. Reigns is left in the ring now mysteriously holding the photo Wyatt was looking at.

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