wwe raw logoMoney In The Bank 2015 is in the books and Sheamus claimed the briefcase, while Seth Rollins retained his WWE heavyweight title and Prime Time Players picked up the tag team title. Now tune in to live updates and highlights from Monday Night Raw in Cleveland.

* Show opens with a Dusty Rhodes video tribute.

* Seth Rollins takes center ring to revel in his victory over Dean Ambrose last night. Rollins thanks himself and reiterates that he didn’t need anyone’s help to beat Ambrose. Ambrose comes out and runs Rollins off. Ambrose then sits in the ring and says he’s not leaving until Rollins comes back and faces him.

* HHH tells Rollins his next opponent will be announced by the end of the night.

* Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose — Sheamus escapes before getting hit with a Dirty Deeds. Randy Orton comes after him next but Sheamus escapes an RKO and makes his exit.

* R-Truth vs. King Barrett – Truth rolls Barrett up for the pin. Barrett attacks him after the match.

* Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler — John Cena is not at Raw tonight after a hard night at MITB. Kevin Owens issues an open challenge and Dolph Ziggler accepts. Non-title match. Owens finishes Ziggler via pop-up power bomb.

* Kane vs. Randy Orton — After Sheamus interrupts, Kane announces as Director of Operations the match is now no-holds barred. A Brogue Kick from Sheamus sets up the pin for Kane.

* Kane and Rollins exchange some very heated words backstage and Rollins says he hopes they name Kane as his next opponent.

* Big Show vs. The Miz — Ryback on guest commentary. Big Show counted out after confronting Ryback at ringside.

* Roman Reigns takes to the ring and says he doesn’t want to wait for his match-up with Bray Wyatt and calls him out. Wyatt responds over the Titantron with a creepy message while holding a photo of Reigns with his child.

* Paige vs. Nikki & Brie Bella (2-on-1 handicap match) — Nikki finishes Paige with a Rack Attack.

* Music artist MGK performs then gets into it with Kevin Owens after the set. Owens pop-up power bombs Machine Gun Kelly off the stage. Pretty cool.

* New Day vs. Prime Time Players, Neville — Neville finishes Kofi Kingston with a Red Arrow.

* HHH and Steph come out to announce Seth Rollins’ next title challenger. Rollins joins them in ring. … Guess who’s back. BROCK LESNAR with his advocate Paul Heyman! Boom! How ya like them apples, Rollins? Brock and Heyman enter the ring to face off with Rollins but there’ll be no fisticuffs tonight. Rollins leaves but we now know who’s gunning for him. Good stuff.

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