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* HHH and Stephanie McMahon open the show in the ring. They announce the Intercontinental Title vacated by Daniel Bryan will be determined inside the Elimination Chamber. This brings out Sheamus who makes his case for being awarded the Intercontinental Title. This brings out Ryback who challenges Sheamus. HHH likes it and makes the match starting now.

* Ryback vs. Sheamus — After Ryback slams Sheamus on the announce table and into the ring post outside the ring, Sheamus ends Ryback in the ring with a Brogue Kick.

* Sheamus, Ryback and four others who will be announced tonight will be competing in the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Title.

* Seth Rollins and The Authority enjoy a drink of champagne backstage. Dean Ambrose confronts Rollins and says he’ll “grant” him a rematch for the title, but Rollins wants none of it. Kane instead matches Ambrose up against Bray Wyatt tonight.

* Neville vs. King Barrett — Bo Dallas comes out first and attacks Neville’s knee he injured last night at Payback. Neville runs him out of the ring and┬áDallas┬áthen provides guest commentary for Neville vs. Barrett. Neville’s knee betrays him during the match and Barrett finishes him with a Bull Hammer. Dallas attacks him after the match and works the injured leg over some more.

* Rusev takes the ring and says Lana is not here and she needs to learn her place. Lana said Rusev said “I quit” at Payback last night and therefore he lost the match with John Cena. Rusev wants a rematch with Cena. Lana walks out and Rusev says, “How dare you defy me. I told you not to come out here tonight.” They argue back and forth.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt — J&J Security distract Ambrose and set up a Sister Abigail finish from Wyatt.

* New Day vs. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro — Ref stops the match after Kofi and Big E team up on Cesaro. Xavier Woods gets involved, then the Lucha Dragons come out, also Los Matadores, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players are the last men standing. These six tag teams will compete against one another at Elimination Chamber.

* John Cena lays down his U.S. Title Open Challenge. NXT champ Kevin Owens takes to the ring and exchanges words with Cena (and promote Owens’s upcoming match on the WWE Network). Cena tells Owens to come and get some, but Owens says he’s not interested in his U.S. Title. Owens then attacks Cena, finishing him with a power bomb, then steps on Cena’s U.S. Title.

* Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler — Ziggler finishes Stardust with a Zig Zag. Lana comes out and gives Ziggler a kiss after the match and they make googly eyes at each other. She then gives him another kiss on the lips much to the crowd’s liking. This brings Rusev out and he lays into Ziggler, then turns his eyes toward Lana. He yells at Lana and she slaps him. He starts to go after Lana but gets Zig Zagged from behind by Ziggler. Lana and Ziggler leave together. Boom. Stole his chick.

* Luke Harper, Erick Rowan vs. Fandango, Zack Ryder — Rowan holds Ryder while Harper finishes him with a Super Kick (side kick to the jaw). Then Rowan pins him.

* Stephanie McMahon talks with Brie Bella backstage telling her she won’t be accompanying Nikki to the ring tonight because she’s worried about her mental state and has also scheduled some counseling sessions for her.

* Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi (Divas Title Match) — Tamina accompanies Naomi ringside. Tamina interferes and Super Kicks Nikki stopping the Rack Attack she’s about to lay on Naomi. Tamina and Naomi team up on Nikki, but Paige comes out to run them off. Paige then hits Nikki with a Rampaige.

* Kevin Owens will face John Cena at Elimination Chamber in two weeks.

* Check out these Tough Enough hopefuls featuring MMA fighter Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil (1:13 mark).


* Show ends with The Authority inside the ring celebrating Seth Rollins and his rise to becoming the WWE Heavyweight Champion. The party is interrupted by Dean Ambrose who wants a rematch. Rollins tells him he’s at the back of the line with Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Steph tells Rollins to get him but Ambrose ends up wrecking shop on everyone but Steph. Finally Rollins ends him with a Pedigree.


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