Rousey on Sports IllustratedUFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has landed on the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated magazine that will be available on May 13.

Rousey is the second MMA fighter to be featured on the cover (Roger Huerta in 2007), but the first with an actual cover story all about Rousey.

The magazine asked the question “Is Rousey the world’s most dominant athlete?”

It’s hard to argue especially when it comes to combat sports. Rousey is (11-0) in her MMA career that began in March 2011. She has finished all 11 of her opponents (9 submissions and 2 via TKO), and has only been past the first round once in her career. She has finished seven of her opponents in less than 54 seconds.

Rousey is set to defend her title in August at UFC 190 against Bethe Correia who is a huge underdog against the champion. So what do you think?

Is Rousey the most dominate athlete in the world?

5 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey featured on Sports Illustrated cover”
  1. i love Ronda but I’m sad to see that it took this long to get MMA some recognition. Through the Bas Ruttens, the Gracie’s, the GSPs, etc… Now there’s finally mass appeal. I really hope her shoulders are as strong as they seem because she’s carrying mainstream MMA fans

  2. Agreed, but with all the WWE stuff she’s doing/rumored to be doing, I have a fear that the sport will go backward

  3. could happen, she’s also not getting younger, and it would seem logical that she’s setting herself up for another gig, when the real deal becomes too painstaking,

  4. World’s most dominant athlete? I think it’s a matter of perspective. Or, could you be talking about how weak the women’s UFC division is? That’s what I think it is. You don’t have any professional fighters in there. Even Ronda, she’s just a bully-type in-your-face fighter. Cat Zigano did take her down. Ronda was just able to fall through it and, after struggling, finally get her submission on. If Cat played a smarter fight, I am confident it would have been at minimum a longer fight.

    World’s most dominant athlete? Compared to her competition, which is weak at best, yes, she is the world’s most dominant athlete. Compared to the other athletes, not by a long shot. Ronda fights, what, 2-3 times a year if that. Athletes like Lebron play 82+ times a year, at a high level against competition that is much higher level than in relation to Ronda’s competition. Compared to what Peyton and Brady do 16+ times a year? Compared to what Kershaw does 30+ times a year? All three of them against competition that is much higher in relation to Ronda’s competition.

    So, compared to her competition? I will say, yes, Ronda is the most dominant athlete in the world. Compared to what the rest of the athletes see worldwide many times over than what Ronda sees annually? Not by a long shot.

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