Booker T is receiving a lot of heat from fans on social media after what sounded like an insensitive comment he made about the late Owen Hart on tonight’s RAW. During the Neville vs. Luke Harper match in the King of the Ring tournament, JBL and Booker T were discussing Neville potentially could be the first high-flying King in WWE. JBL commented that Owen was a high-flyer but not like Neville and Booker said Owen “didn’t defy gravity” like Neville. It seemed innocent the way he said it but there appeared to be activity on the headset as there was a bit of awkwardness after the line.
As you probably know Owen Hart fell to his death  from the rafters in a botched entrance at a PPV. He was supposed to be lowered to the ring when the cable snapped.
Here’s booker’s apology.

I would never say anything to disrespect the legacy of Owen Hart. If I did offend anyone, I apologize.

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