Posting Trolls: TNCclubman says UFC protects American champs, Boboplata2.0 agrees

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I just…I have no idea where to begin.

When you are on a forum so much that it dominates your life you become part of the collective paranoia and conspiracies brewing within. The trolls in question today lurk in the same semi-popular website’s forums as marvin destin. They are all trolls and both instant comedy gold.

On this particular forum and in the hearts and minds of rednecks, teenagers, keyboard warriors, and “in the know” guys who train at their local gyms paranoia runs rampant. Check it out:

jacare needs to win 10 fights in a row before dana and joe silva even consider him for a shot. theyre so glad their mw champ is english speaking they dont want to risk it. better for the brand when they can be interviewed and groomed for post career broadcast duties.

So on this forum you will ALWAYS have MMA hipster “I know the truth” trolls dumping typed garbage in to a vacuum of group stupidity. According to them, Dana and his white supremacist, xenophobic, and anti-Brazilian mod squad plot and scheme all of the time to keep non-English speaking fighters down. Just like Machida, Shogun, Wand, Nog, Anderson Silva, and…..wait….

This is one of the most popular beliefs on any semi-active forum. Here’s another example from one of the DUMBEST forum trolls ever named Boboplata2.0 backing up super genius TNCclubman’s conspiracy theories:

100% this. Dana was none too pleased when Rafael destroyed goldenboy/wheaties box/reebok deal/Pettis.

Whenever you see “golden boy” or “white champ” you know you are dealing with a hating fan boy. Boboplata2.0 has consistently been one of the worst posters of all time on the forum. BUT, check out what another poster jasonkl replied with:

completely agree. the evidence clearly points to dana not wanting any brazillians fighting for the MW title. Since Weidman won the belt, Jacare was passed over for the American Anderson Silva, the other American- Lyota Machida and now he is getting screwed as the Canadian Vitor Belfort gets the shot. Even if Jacare beats Romero, that American Machida may still get the next shot over him. Its clear bias against Brazillians. Jacare should file a discrimination law suit against the UFC.

Add to it that when the American- Anderson Silva was champion from 2006-2013, there weren’t any title fights that included brazillians. not one- he only faced other americans and canadians like vitor belfort, demian maia, and thales leites!!!!!

Jasonkl smart, smart, smart. Other two dumb, dumb, dumb….

Pretty much what any sane person would say except for saying nothing, which is why I do not get in to discussions with trolls who have collectively created a little bubble with its own version of reality. Bobo’s response?

Are you saying Dana is racist?

See that? That’s called reverse trolling. A troll steers a discussion in to the pits of moronic devilry and then applies the bait and switch tactic to push buttons and dig themselves out of written ditches.

In summary this is what the forums produce. These are the beliefs of people who have willed in to reality a collective new truth that allows for discussions to last longer and for them to slam fighters, organizations, and create drama. Half of them will say they “know someone in the UFC” or their “lil bro” trains with someone. Stuff like that. All of it amounts to garbage, partial truths, and self-gratification. Don’t get me started on the medical threads with fighter injuries and the “experts” who analyze them.

Search out these trolls. Sit back and relax at the ignorance!

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