More on AJ Lee’s retirement, pregnancy rumors need to stop!

 aj lee

AJ Lee is a WWE Diva pioneer and now stuff of wrestling legend. She brought some serious legitimacy to the crowded, but thin WWE Divas division in terms of skill and the ability to capture an audiences attention. Unfortunately, she recently retired and while we are left with some good performers like Natalya, Paige, and maybe Nikki Bella – it won’t be the same.

It’s no secret she is married to CM Punk aka Phil Brooks. Punk is signed to the UFC and that has to be putting a lot of pressure on his time management. Lots of training, press schedules, and a very happy marriage are three things hard to juggle and maybe that helped AJ decide to retire. They do not need the money from WWE anymore for sure and the first fight in the UFC is Punk’s most important. Lose or not it’s the one that counts. Our money is on him winning because well, reasons…and never bet against Brooks to not be able to do anything.

One of the rumors being spread around  is that she is pregnant. Here’s the deal on that. If AJ Lee was pregnant we would be the last to know. CM Punk is harsh at times, but it’s usually about his personal life being kept, you guessed it, personal. His marriage was supposed to be private, but someone managed, somehow to get a photo and it’s a damn good thing Brooks never ran in to them or they would be a puddle of skin, pee, and shame. If I were a dirt sheet site I would let it drop just saying. Especially, with Punk looking more and more like a legitimate fighter with each passing day. If not, expect an ass kicking.

The reason people are spreading the pregnancy rumor is simple if you think about it. They ask themselves why the best female performer in WWE would walk away from the spotlight in her prime. Two things to reply to that. She will be remembered as one of, if not the best female performer of all time in WWE, and she did it while the company couldn’t book their way out of a paper bag and consistently fumbled her image. She triumphed and absolutely stood tall above the rest.

A rumor I do believe is that there will not be “one more match” no matter what the fans want. She proved herself, shone brightly, and walked away when she wanted to. She has no reason to return and possibly tarnish her legend like so many other wrestlers have in their later years. Just look at myths like chess player Bobby Fischer when he returned in 1992, 20 years after capturing the world’s attention by defeating Russian world champion Boris Spassky. The rematch between the two was like watching two boxers past their prime and despite moments of brilliance it sort of diminished Fischer’s legendary status. Lee has no reason to return. She has nothing left to prove.