WWE’s burial of Sting’s legacy continued at RAW



One night removed from one of the most shameful handling displays of a true wrestling legend and it would continue.

After RAW went off the air…I almost cannot type this sentence….

After RAW went off the air, on the WWE Network, Sting spoke about coming up short in his first WWE match. Bo Dallas, laughing stock of laughing stocks next to Fandango, interrupted and made fun of him for losing. Bo – freaking – Dallas. So, the greatest superstar from anywhere to never step in to a WWE ring was mocked. The person WWE courted, wooed, and pleaded to come to their organization received the most disrespectful display of treatment ever seen in terms of legends over the course of this weekend.

WWE destroyed his legacy by trashing him through commentators throughout his WM 31 match with HHH on his way to a loss to the ego maniac COO, son-in-law to Vince McMahon. Name another legend treated like that…I’ll wait….

The Bo Dallas interruption, the fact that one of the greatest of all time was moved to the post RAW show no one cares about on the WWE Network was the icing on the cake, and the final nail in his coffin.


WWE books a match for Sting with a very, very mediocre lower mid card wrestler for Sting to beat. Essentially exclaiming to the world he was never any good and his incredible run to Starrcade 97 was insignificant. Someone needs to call Vince and HHH on that awful, despicable, and downright dirty tarnishing of Steve Borden.

The other options are that Sting never comes back, or they book him against the Undertaker. A dream match for every hardcore fan. Guess what – Sting would lose again and look even worse.

**** you WWE and your disrespect of a legend and icon. How Ric Flair let this happen is beyond me.

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