WWE rumors Monday Edition

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Here we go again ladies and gentlemen with another PMN WWE rumor edition. As of right now our incredibly reliable source of insider WWE info has been quiet because it has been quiet behind the scenes. With Wrestlemania 31 approaching here are some things we can almost declare:

Hulk Hogan and is Hulkamania sized ego will not be a part of Wrestlemania 31 on screen. There has been some talk that Hulk has convinced himself that WWE Wrestlemanias should always include legends, especially like himself or Stone Cold. Vince is open to appearances, but Hogan’s day in the sun was last year’s 30th anniversary.

Rusev’s manager Lana is off filming a movie and there was some concern initially that she would not be back in time for WM 31. This is not the case. Lana will be back cornering Rusev in his match against the heavily favored John Cena.

Speaking of Cena there are whispers that John himself asked for the Rusev match. We called it back in June that he would position himself to end Rusev’s streak. There were other superstars in line, but it did not take much convincing to WWE brass from Cena that he should be the one to end it. Cena is gaining a reputation of beating up and coming wrestlers and essentially ruining their careers. Vince is apparently indifferent because he sees John as his cash cow. What happens when he is injured or retired Vince?

On tonight’s RAW Kevin Nash will likely be announced for this year’s Hall of Fame. This would finalize bringing the three NWO members, the originals in to the Hall of Fame.

Stone Cold appearing WM 31 is still up in the air.

Brock Lesnar’s future, despite being reported as definitely staying with WWE is not in stone. There is still a contract left to be sign and a clause, unspecified, that they cannot agree on.

That’s it for today folks. Remember, these are rumors and until they come to fruition are just that – RUMORS.