wwe raw logoWill Seth Rollins accept Randy Orton’s WrestleMania challenge and what kind of fireworks can we expect between these two tonight? Rusev and John Cena are now supposed to meet at WrestleMania, but where’s Lana? Will we find out tonight who will face Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for their Tag Team Title at WrestleMania? Roman Reigns jacked Mark Henry’s jaw on SmackDown last week and convinced the strongman he was ready for Brock Lesnar. Will Lesnar or his advocate Paul Heyman respond? With Bray Wyatt set to clash with The Undertaker in less than two weeks, expect to hear from the Eater of Worlds once again. All this and more tonight on Raw.

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* Raw opens with Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show and J&J Security in the ring. Rollins addresses Randy Orton’s “betrayal” last Thursday on SmackDown. Rollins said what Orton did was nothing like what he did to the Shield, saying what he did was a business decision for his future. Big Show and Kane back him up. Rollins accepts Orton’s WrestleMania challenge but only if he agrees also to face him tonight on Raw. Cue the music as the Viper makes his entrance. Orton accepts and they will square off in tonight’s main event. Orton understands he’ll likely have to deal with Kane, Big Show and J&J as well.

* AJ Lee (with Paige) vs. Nikki Bella (with Brie) — Nikki ends AJ with a Rack Attack and the pin. Brie introduced Paige’s head to the ring post outside the ring. BTW, check out our recent interview with Paige.

* Miz vs. Ryback (with Mizdow) — Ryback with the Shellshock and pin. Mizdow goes to help Miz up — he was not supposed to let Miz lose tonight or he’d be fired — Miz smashes him face first to the canvas and leaves him laying in the ring.


* John Cena takes the mic during a contract signing against Rusev. Cena stands up for America and is ashamed that Rusev is the U.S. Champion. Rusev’s attorney with a terrible Russian accent explains his client won’t be signing any contract and said he never agreed to the rematch. Rusev says America worships failures and our veterans are failures. Cena rips his hat and shirt off. Rusev signs it, flips the table over and runs out of the ring with his attorney.


* New Day vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) — Los Matadores is ringside. Cesaro rolls Kofi up for the pin. Los Matadores works over New Day and El Torito gets the best of Cesaro after the match, making their case for a spot at WrestleMania.


* Rollins and J&J argue backstage over the Orton situation and Jamie and Joey end up quitting. Rollins says, “Fine, I don’t need you anyway.” But he looks worried.

* Video promo by Brock Lesnar for his upcoming match versus Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.


* Big Show vs. Erick Rowan — Big Show starts beating up Rowan before the match even starts. Ref can’t get it under control and Big Show knocks Rowan out with a punch then comes off the ropes on him. He walks out leaving Rowan laying on the canvas.

* We get a preview of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal as all the entrants thus far gather in the ring led by Kane. Mark Henry announces his entrance into the Battle Royal and it is he and Kane who are left standing tonight as they clear the lot. Henry gets rid of Kane, then Curtis Axel who was avoiding the conflict ringside comes in but is quickly dispatched. Henry is the last man standing. Could this be a preview of what will happen at WrestleMania 31?

* Larry Zybyszko announced for WWE Hall of Fame 2015.

* Paul Heyman talks about Lesnar as an uncontrollable beast who hates living within the imposed rules of WWE and what will happen when he “does what he’s not supposed to do” and violates those rules. “Will they cut the pay-per-view feed at WrestleMania,” Heyman asks? Heyman goes on to blast Roman Reigns, saying he “can’t” which brings out Reigns to confront him. Reigns speaks to the camera to send Lesnar a message, saying he expects to take a beating at WrestleMania but also expects to walk out with the heavyweight title. “I can, I will, and I believe that,” Reigns says.

* Heyman backstage says Reigns will have a chance to confront Lesnar next Monday on Raw.

* Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust, Luke Harper, Bad News Barrett (R-Truth at ringside with the Barrett’s Intercontinental belt) — Ambrose finishes Barrett with a Dirty Deeds. Harper throws him across the announce table after the match. Stardust steals the belt from R-Truth, it changes hands a couple times, then Ziggler and Bryan argue over it and come to blows. Everyone gets involved and Barrett ends up with his belt back.

* Trouble brewing within The Authority as Seth Rollins exchanges words with Steph and HHH. Rollins whines about everyone turning on him and Steph tells him he’s made his bed now he has to lay in it.

* We see another creepy promo from Bray Wyatt about his upcoming match with The Undertaker.

* Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins — Rollins takes the mic outside the ring and says Orton has made The Authority look like fools, but he’s now making a fool out of Orton. Out walks HHH, Steph, Kane, Big Show and J&J. Orton grabs a chair and waits for them in the ring. The lights blink and Sting appears in the ring with Orton. They clean house and Sting drops Kane with a baseball bat to the back of the legs. Sting then points at HHH and gives a Scorpion Death Drop to Noble, while Orton RKO’s Mercury. Nice twist seeing Sting make his first real appearance on Raw.

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