Remember this?

That is Alundra Blayze aka Madusa Miceli dropping the WWF women’s championship in to the garbage can. Blayze, real name Debrah Miceli infamously left the WWF and joined WCW when her contract was up. She was able to keep the belt and because of that she was able to perform the stunt on live TV at a time in 1995 when WCW was grabbing up former WWF stars left and right. The significance of this incident was beyond anything the wrestling world had seen at the time. Word was that Vince was angry and hurt at the same time. Never let it be said that Mr. McMahon isn’t a shrewd businessman without a heart. This must have been very hard for him.

That heart has shocked a lot of the wrestling community more than once and if you want proof – look at The Ultimate Warrior’s run up to his hall of fame induction at Wrestlemania. Two men who were angry at each other mended fences and Warrior got the recognition he deserved before his untimely death shortly after. It was literally watching hell freeze over and being so happy as a fan that their absolutely terrible creative team was forgiven. Now it’s Alundra Blayze’s turn in the forgiveness lane.

She was the WWF women’s champion 3 times and it was at a time when it meant something. AJ Lee may be the one who returned some of the prestige to the women’s belt, but it is not even close to what it meant back then. Women’s wrestling was a novelty act and to succeed as a performer with that stigma is a feat in itself. She was known as Madusa Miceli and that is how she is remembered to a lot of fans including myself. However you choose to remember her she is now among the elite members of the WWE hall of fame.

Being inducted with her are Rikishi, The Bushwhackers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and an overdue nod for the Macho Man Randy Savage. The induction will take place the week of Wrestlemania 31.

Here is her induction announcement courtesy of WWE.

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