Is this the most talented man in the world?

talented man_cigarettes
This image has nothing to do with the video, but this man is also talented in his own way.

From parkourer to skateboarder to juggler to martial artist, this man has skills your 45-year-old beer drinkin football watchin pot-belly neighbor only dreamed of. Actually he probably never even dreamt of these things because he was too consumed with football and Americana.

I knew a wise man who once said, “Never stop playing.” That was his philosophy on life. If we took that to heart we might be displaying skills similar to this and more even in our old age. Coordination such as this one possesses is also a rare quality among fighters and some of these techniques or variations could be incorporated into their training.

So do you think he’s the most talented man in the world? Let us know who you think is more talented. And do not name a football player.


2 thoughts on “Is this the most talented man in the world?”

  1. it will be a
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