Anderson Silva failed a second drug test?

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“Ooops you weren’t supposed to hear that…”

If we are to believe a new report from MMA Junkie today, MMA/UFC GOAT Anderson Silva has been flagged for another positive drug test for banned substances according to multiple anonymous sources. This second positive test was administered, like the two previous, in relation to his UFC 183 bout with Nick Diaz on Jan. 31, in which he won a unanimous decision.

Here’s the report (as Sean so eloquently told you about earlier):

Multiple sources close to the situation on Wednesday confirmed to MMAjunkie that [Anderson] Silva failed a second drug test in relation to UFC 183. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

The date of Silva’s second failed test is not yet known, and an open-records request made by MMAjunkie has not yet been answered by the state of Nevada.

Silva’s case will go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission during a Feb. 17 meeting. He will likely be temporarily suspended pending a formal hearing into the matter, which would take place at a subsequent meeting.

Anyway this thing turns out is not good. A)Either Anderson is guilty and the greatest of all time is a fraud. OR B)The NSAC botched the test(s) and the sport looks incompetent. The way they’ve been handling this whole thing with Jon Jones and Anderson Silva/Nick Diaz, and now Hector Lombard looks suspect as it is.

More to come on this I’m sure.

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