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Wanderlei Silva is the latest and greatest WWE rumor. Just a day or so after Chael P. Sonnen claimed WWE approached him, rival Wanderlei Silva said the same. Other sources, including ours say this is just a rumor, but if one of the two was approached it is reportedly going to be Wand. WWE is looking for some more international stars and Brazil has a rich combat sports history. The thought of WWE hitting Rio is something a few execs have expressed some interest in at one time or another.

Dave Meltzer claims Chael’s offer is real and so is the idea of some kind of match with Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen. Would MMA fans pay to watch a staged fight between the two? Maybe, if they thought it might become a shoot (real fight) during the process. There are also rumors that the match would be an exhibition fight to get around Sonnen’s ban and Silva’s problems with commissions due to the huge fiasco the opposing coaches had before their scheduled fight. Sonnen popped positive for banned substances and Wanderlei ran from the test. Either way we lost what could have been an epic clash between the two.

Here is what Wand put on Facebook, well a translation of it.

I received a great proposal of WWE and now i am wondering what you think of the idea!!!

Initially when Chael made the claims we wrote it off as hype, but when Silva started chiming in things got interesting. Now it may be a reality that the two will face off in some way, shape, or fashion in the near future.

Do you think it will happen?

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