Ex-UFC fighter, ‘I’m more successful thank CM Punk ever will be’

UFC's Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

Former UFC fighter – he claims he was a star – Matt “Marijuana” Riddle says CM Punk “knows how to work it” and is half-halfheartedly happy for him getting in to the UFC. He admits that he himself was green when he came to the UFC and feels Punk has a long road ahead of him. The only difference is that the odds of the “Straight Edge” former WWE champion will pop for drugs are astronomical. Riddle however cannot boast the same.

Matt was booted out of the UFC in 2013 for use of marijuana. Recently Riddle was very open about his thoughts on the “hypocrisy” of the UFC when UFC champ Jon Jones got busted for cocaine and spent a whopping ONE NIGHT in rehab. I agree that Jones got special treatment and was seen as a “victim” instead of a criminal who used drugs in a recreational manner. Still, the rules concerning marijuana are more specific to the when, what, and wheres of drug testing. Cocaine, though. I mean – damn.

Riddle also thought it was a proven fact that he could beat up Dana White and CM Punk at the same time. I remember Mayhem Miller saying he could beat two Jason Stathams and then couldn’t beat one Michael Bisping. I doubt Riddle is capable of breaking the top 20 in today’s crop of fighters.

Matt most recently fought for Titan Fighting Championships beating Michael Kuiper in the 2nd round.

Check out what Riddle told Monster Factory about CM Punk’s signing and how he thinks he will do.

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