MaryseLet’s be honest; there are some really, really great bodies in WWE – and some not quite so pretty. And, by the way, the latter are always the villains.

So let’s concentrate on a few that are the best of the best and atop the whole pile on the guys’ side of the fence has to be John Cena. The 37 year-old pro wrestler, rapper, singer and actor is the frontispiece of WWE for good reason; he has a bod to die for – for the female fans and a few of the males!

On the girls’ side of things, the top spot should surely be awarded to the 39 year-old Trish Stratus. And if ever there was an advertisement for the ladies of how to stay in great shape as you approach middle age, then Trish Stratus is surely the living embodiment. Sadly, Trish no longer graces the ring – but you can bet if she did she’d still be in the same great shape; a great example to us all.

Next up on the guys’ list is the man men want to emulate when it comes to the physique – and the body many women simply want to get a piece of, the 34 year-old Dolph Ziggler. The problem with Ziggler is that he knows it – so he’s the guy many other guys love to hate for his arrogance. But hey – if you looked like he does ion a tiny pair of swimming trunks; wouldn’t you tend to be a little big-headed now and again?

Back to the ladies now and take a look at the body of Maryse. It’s very easy to see why the French Canadian wrestler was once a glamor model; ooh la la! The 31 year-old former Canadian Miss Hawaiian Tropic of 2003 (do they get sunlight up there!?) is pretty hot stuff in the ring and on the beach.

OK, last of the guys. Now there may not be a betting market for WWE but if there was, the one WWE wrestler you could safely bet that a lot of guys would love to swap bodies with is Randy Orton. Orton could quite easily pick up a few trophies entering Mister Universe contests. The 6-foot-5, 235 pound 34 year-old third-generation Orton family star is cut pretty close to perfection. The fact that he’s also enormous means he has a certain appeal to guys who look up to other big guys – and, of course, the ladies.

Last but certainly not least on the girls’ side is Kelly Kelly – so good they named her twice! The 27 year-old Floridian is the all-America girl with her blond hair, suntan, perfect teeth and that amazing body. Kelly Kelly helped hone her body growing up as a gymnast in Jacksonville but thankfully strutted her bodily perfection for the benefit of all us lucky WWE enthusiasts – and how!

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned The Rock, or Eve, Ultimate Warrior or Torrie Wilson to name just a few. So if you want a great body – start training like the stars do – today.

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  1. What about the UGLIEST WWE superstars?Now,THAT list would be well,AMAZING!!!!!

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