Daniel Bryan has been sidelined with an injury since shortly after arguably one of the greatest build ups to WWE’s big show in history. Since then he has been waiting patiently to be cleared to return and when he does there is a short list of opponents he wants to face.

Strangely, Bryan wants to face the man who gave the Undertaker a legit concussion at Wrestlemania and his first loss. Brock Lesnar is the last person you would think D-Bry would want to get back in the ring with recovering a serious injury. He’s brutish, physical, and sometimes reckless. He isn’t the only one, though. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose make that list complete for him.

On the May 12 episode of Raw, Daniel Bryan announced that he would need to undergo neck surgery. The same night, he was attacked by Kane to make his departure a part of the story lines and then he was stretchered away. On May 15, Bryan underwent successful neck surgery having a cervical foraminotomy to decompress the nerve root.

Check out this interview with MTV UK Daniel did recently.

Of a possible match with Lesnar Bryan stated:

One of the things that kills me about this is if I were champion right now I’d be wrestling Brock Lesnar and that’s the match I’ve always really wanted. I feel like we could do something completely different that people [wouldn’t] have seen before in the United States. That’s the match I really, really want.

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