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It was the much anticipated UFC debut for Ohio native Cody Garbrandt. Those of us in the Ohio Valley area knew it was a matter of time. Tonight Garbrandt made us look pretty smart in his UFC 182 bout with Marcus Brimamge.

The first round started with about a minute of feeling out by both guys. The fun started with Garbrandt throwing some strong combinations. He looked very fast. Cody started gaining momentum but a low blow halted the action. Garbrandt kept the pressure on Brimmage. A second low blow stalled the fight for a few minutes. Garbrandt started unloading on Brimmage with less than a minute to go in the round but was unable to put him away. Cody used a good mix of kicks and combos to take the first round 10-9.

Brimmage fired back in the second with a big flurry of punches in the opening seconds. The action calmed down and Garbrandt landed a solid left . Brimmage was able to counter on occasion but nothing that appeared to be damaging. Garbrandt found success with a left hook in the second. At times Garbrandt dropped his hands, not in fatigue but confidence. Garbrandt slipped after throwing some heat and got up to fix his hair and smile. Brimmage looked improved in the second round but Garbrandt stayed more active and landed some clean shots.

Garbrandt hadn’t been to a decision in 2011. Could he finish it out in the third? Garbrandt started the round throwing kicks. Cardio seemed to be no issue for Garbrandt. Garbrandt found himself on his back and locked in a triangle. Brimmage went for a slam but Garbrant escaped. Garbrandt landed a solid left hook. The face of Brimmage immediately began to swell. Brimmage went for a half assed head kick and Garbrandt responded with the heat. He put Brimmage out on his feet and followed it up with big shots, dropping Brimamge and forcing Herb Dean to stop the fight.

Garbrandt joins the ranks of badasses in the bantamweight division. What’s awkward is that his Team Alpha Male teammates are right there with him.

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