UFC responds to lawsuit ‘We are proud of the company we have built’

So yeah, there is this lawsuit that was filed by Cung Le, Jon Fitch and Nate Quarry. Early headlines read that it was a game changer and was a huge step in the direction of fighter’s rights. I am no lawyer but I have seen nearly three complete seasons of Jack McCoy in action and I think this is a pretty weak case. I do think it does lay some groundwork for bigger things in the future and it will make the UFC a bit uncomfortable. That being said, don’t look for a ton of big changes stemming from this particular suit.

The UFC had been pretty silent about the situation. That is until now. Here is the response issued earlier this evening by UFC officials.

We have built a popular business from modest beginnings by meeting the needs of fans and fighters. Millions of people have watched our bouts, we have instituted leading health and safety measures for our athletes, and fighters are free to negotiate contract terms.

We will stand up against the plaintiffs in this litigation every step of the way, and have engaged attorneys from Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP with a depth of experience in antitrust issues.

Bill Isaacson, our lead litigator, says, “The antitrust laws have long favored companies that create new products and services that consumers want. That is exactly what the UFC has done here through its long and substantial investment in building a popular sport.”

We are proud of the company we have built, confident in our legal position, and intend to prevail in this lawsuit.


We’d love to hear your opinion. Will this legal action be a game changer or will it be a bigger bust than Junie Browning?