WWE Monday Night RAW 12/22/14 live results, updates, video highlights


Hulk Hogan hosts tonight’s RAW from Minneapolis. Will Seth Rollins get payback against Dolph Ziggler? What’s next for Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose, as it looks like this feud is far from over? Will Ryback enact revenge on Rusev? Will Big Show upset the return of Roman Reigns? Find out all this and more tonight on Monday Night Raw.

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  • JOHN CENA VS. SETH ROLLINS — After double-slamming Mercury and Noble at the same time, Cena hits Rollins with an AA and then the pin.
  • JACK SWAGGER VS. FANDANGO — Fandango comes off the top rope with a leg drop and the pin.
  • R-TRUTH VS. ADAM ROSE — R-Truth suckers Rose into a dance-off, catches a kick, then rolls Rose up for the pin. A disgruntled Rose takes out his frustrations on the Bunny, starting with a spinebuster. He continues the animal abuse outside the ring until Bunny lays in a heap. Rose also pushes down one of his entourage.
  • BIG SHOW VS. ROMAN REIGNS — Reigns lands a Superman punch that knocks Big Show across the announce table and he gets counted out.
  • NATALYA VS. BRIE BELLA — Nattie looks for the sharpshooter, Brie tries to counter, but Nattie rolls her over for the pin. Then she knocks Nikki off the apron.
  • LOS MATADORES VS. GOLD & STARDUST — El Torito, dressed as a reindeer, backflips off the ropes on top of Goldust for the pin.
  • LUKE HARPER VS. DOLPH ZIGGLER (FOR ZIGGLER’S INTERCONTINENTAL BELT) — Ziggler blocks a Famouser, lands two super kicks and a Zig Zag for the pin.
  • RUSEV VS. RYBACK — “Rowdy” Roddy Piper hosted a special episode of Piper’s Pit with guests Lana and Rusev. After Lana bad mouths Christmas in America, Piper tells them he has a gift for them and he put the bow on it. Out walks Ryback with a big red bow. Ryback attacks, ultimately getting the best of Rusev until the Russian rolls under the ropes and exits with Lana. Piper raises Ryback’s hand as the winner.
  • EMMA, NAOMI, ALICIA FOX VS. SUMMER RAE, CAMERON, PAIGE — Alicia pins Cameron after smashing her face first to the canvas.
  • THE USOS VS. MIZ, MIZDOW — Uso rolls up Miz coming off the rope, but Miz counters and rolls Uso on over for the pin.
  • BRAY WYATT VS. DEAN AMBROSE (MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET FIGHT) — After multiple objects were used on each other, including chairs and ladders, Wyatt slams Ambrose into the end of a kendo stick stuck in the turnbuckle. Then the pin. Afterward though, Ambrose sprays Wyatt with a fire extinguisher in the face, then slams him through a table.


Hogan’s intro:

Cena vs. Rollins:

Ziggler vs. Harper:


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