Daniel Cormier: ‘I’m looking to rid MMA of Jon Jones’

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier really believes he’s going to become UFC light heavyweight champion on January 3rd. The Olympian will face reigning champ Jon Jones in the UFC 182 main event live on Pay-Per-View. We’ve seen the bad blood. And oddsmakers have Jones the favorite at -170, with Cormier at +145. But despite the odds against him facing the No. 1 pound for pound fighter in the world, Cormier feels he’s destined to be UFC champion.

On UFC Tonight on Wednesday, Cormier said once he wins the belt Jones will never be the same:

“I think he falls back in the pack. He’ll get a rematch, but he’ll fall back. Once he knows he can get beat and no one is scared of him, he won’t win ten in a row anymore. He’ll win some and he’ll lose some. He’ll go searching for answers and move to heavyweight. It’ll put doubt and questions in his head. He’ll come out a different man. He might need to be convinced to take the rematch. He’ll lose to me and his career will go in a tailspin. I’m looking to rid MMA of Jon Jones.”

Cormier also explained that if he had won gold at the Olympics, he likely never would have started fighting in mixed martial arts and things have worked out as they should. His words:

“I wouldn’t be here if I won gold. I look back at how things are meant to be. I lost because I wasn’t supposed to be the champion. Those lessons were so I could learn. It all prepared me for January 3. I’m supposed to be the UFC champion. That’s why I didn’t win the Olympics.”

What’s your take on the fight? Can Cormier upset the champ and hand him the first “real” loss of his career? Be sure to vote in our poll on who you see winning the UFC 182 main event.

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