What Sean is streaming on Twitch this week


Our Twitch channel name is prommanow. Jack Bratcher (Owner), Gary Thomas (Editor), and Sean McClure (Me, peon) stream quite a bit.

This week I will be streaming Metro: 2033 Redux, Shadow of Mordor, Blacklight Retribution, and *shudder*…..Outlast for the PS4.

Why you should watch

Because I make fun of Gary Thomas – alot.

What I try to do more than anything is focus on the different aspects of the games. A lot of people, including myself watch Twitch to see how a game plays in terms of mechanics and the general graphics and atmosphere. One thing I can tell you for certain is that I will not be playing Alien: Isolation anytime soon, or ever if I can help it. I am a chicken when it comes to horror games and I am not afraid to admit it. PT freaked me out tremendously, especially when the zombie lady appears and you hear her eating something while you are half unconscious – then you wake up and hear what sounds like a peg leg when you walk with a limp. Freaky. Needless to say Outlast and me is a combination of freak out and run like hell.

When you should watch

I get on a lot of times at 7 or later in the evening mainly because of work limitations. I play for an hour or two before Jack or Gary roll in with Destiny or Borderlands respectively.

What to expect

A lot of herp and a little derp. I am good at Blacklight, great at Assassin’s Creed, still learning Shadow of Mordor, and a wuss when it comes to Outlast. Expect a lot of killing, a few deaths, and then some pee in my pants when watching me play outlast.

I have voice capabilities, but I am not using the camera yet for the PS4 and I curse so be prepared. I am animated, pissed off, terrified, and sometimes will make you laugh. I love to interact with viewers ESPECIALLY the ones who help me rag on Gary.

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