Much anticipated is the heralded return of one Nate Diaz as he is set to face Rafael dos Anjos Saturday night at UFC on FOX 13 in Phoenix. Diaz missed weight by five pounds on Friday but that didn’t prevent him from bowing up to dos Anjos during the staredowns. The bout will now be held at a 160.6 lbs. catchweight.

The Stockton brawler doesn’t have a history of missing weight, so what gives?

Maybe Diaz is pissed off about the new UFC uniform deal:

Remember when he was complaining about money.

Or maybe he’s protesting the CM Punk signage. I mean, if they will bring on an 0-0 fighter who has no MMA training to speak of, who the F— gives a sh– about weight? Right?

No one wants to miss a Diaz fight though. And therein lies the pickle.

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