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Last Saturday night’s UFC 181 in Las Vegas featured an exciting fight card highlighted by two championship bouts inside the Octagon. While the action kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the evening, it was an announcement made between fights that sent shockwaves through both the mixed martial arts and professional wrestling communities.

During the event, it was revealed that former World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champion and international sensation, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, signed a contract to join the UFC and compete in a yet-to-be-determined weight class. The charismatic phenomenon enjoyed tremendous popularity and success as a wrestler and appears in an exclusive capacity as part of a special UFC edition of Wednesday night’s FOX SPORTS LIVE at 11:00 PM ET on FOX SPORTS 1.

Brooks gives insights as to his prospective weight division, rumored training locations and partners, possible opponents and his motivation for choosing this new career path.

The show begins following the final episode of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: A CHAMPION WILL BE CROWNED and includes the latest installment of the weekly “TUF Talk” segment with host Karyn Bryant. Wednesday’s segment features a reunion of six contestants from the show, including each of the finalists who face each other for the first-ever UFC women’s strawweight championship Friday night on FOX Sports 1 at 9:00 PM ET. UFC president Dana White also joins the Wednesday’s FOX SPORTS LIVE to weigh in on the huge UFC weekend ahead that features two fight cards and much more.

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