cm punk milk cartonFormer WWE star CM Punk has been pretty silent on his decision to walk away from the WWE after his Royal Rumble appearance in January. However, CM Punk appeared on the Colt Cabana Art of Wrestling Podcast and gave candid details in a two hour interview.

The interview touches on a ton of topics:

  • Why he decided not to ‘sell his story on what happened’
  • Why situations ultimately influenced him to leave
  • Why Vince McMahon didn’t let him walk out with former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen
  • He talks about the ‘toxic environment’ and double standards that WWE executives had with certain fighters
  • How he was out of touch with WWE executives involving the WWE network among other things
  • How WWE doctors were a ‘joke’ and how he wrestled with injuries while also being concussed
  • His relationship with Triple H
  • Why WWE executives creatively didn’t want to put some wrestlers over
  • The differences in pay between wrestlers

He touches on many other things as well. It’s well worth a listen and I highly recommend you check it out.

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