For the love of all that is perennially holy some 26 year old chick is marrying 80 year old Charles Manson and she’s freaking hot.

Manson is the epitome of evil and one of the most notorious, and insane cult leaders of all time. AP broke the news and as you would expect everyone who read it was shocked.

Burton, who goes by the name “Star,” told the AP that she and Manson will be married next month.

The Kings County marriage license, viewed Monday by The Associated Press, was issued Nov. 7 for the 80-year-old Manson and Burton, who lives in Corcoran — the site of the prison — and maintains several websites advocating his innocence.

“Y’all can know that it’s true,” Star said. “It’s going to happen.” “I love him,” she added. “I’m with him. There’s all kinds of things.”

Charles Manson was born in 1934 – let that sink in. His future wife is  26 meaning she was born in 1988.

Manson is a criminal and surprisingly also a musician who was the leader for what became known as the Manson Family in the late 1960s. In 1971 he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the murders of no less than seven people, actress Sharon Tate and four other people at Tate’s home, and the next day, a married couple, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, all carried out by members of the group at his instruction.

To put it lightly he is one of the most reviled criminals of the 20th century and now he’s getting married to a hot chick. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

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