Snap! Chael Sonnen says GSP is better than Anderson Silva

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Chael Sonnen does not hold back, especially when it comes to his favorite topic – Anderson Silva. Sonnen spoke to the little brother of Silva’s UFC 183 opponent, Nate Diaz on his podcast recently and he let his thoughts on the better fighter between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva be known.

I’ve fought Anderson Silva before, and I’ve worked out with Georges St-Pierre; and I had a tougher time with St-Pierre. That was my experience. I know it’s style and a lot of things come into it, but I thought St-Pierre was far superior of an athlete and a fighter. I think your brother (Nick Diaz) has been in harder fights and that’s my point. I think it’s going to help him. I don’t think he knows that and I don’t think he will realize that until a few minutes out there. And Anderson Silva is very good, this is not meant to be a knock on Anderson Silva. He is not as good as they say he is. That’s also a true statement. And when guys go out there and fight him, they will come away with that opinion. Everybody calls me before they fight Anderson Silva. And I tell them, ‘Look, the guy is a good fighter, all that nice stuff. He’s not near as good as they say he is. He’s not as good as they will tell you he is. And if you go out there and waste half of the fight before you realize that, like Demian Maia did, you will not be able to beat him in a decision.

Nick Diaz will take on the former middleweight champion and consensus GOAT at UFC 183 in Las Vegas. The fight is scheduled to take place on Jan 31, 2015 and welcomes Silva back to the Octagon.

Who do you think wins? Nick Diaz or Anderson Silva?

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