The vacancies of WWE roster spots increased by one this week. Former WWE World Champion The Great Khali is apparently gone from the company. His name was removed from the WWE roster and placed in the alumni section of WWE’s website. This is a good thing for younger talent and WWE itself because let’s face it, Khali was getting a lot of money to barely draw flies let alone a crowd.

On our list of WWE salaries that leaked on the internet we noted Khali was making almost a million dollars, $974,000 to be exact. That is a big expenditure cut from the WWE pay window handouts. Anything right now to alleviate WWE’s financial woes is probably a Godsend.

WWE has not announced his departure officially, but they will most likely do this early next week once everything is finalized.


Another employee is also gone from WWE after being used sporadically throughout his career with the company. Brad Maddox was formerly a part of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE’s developmental territory. He held the Florida Tag Team Championship twice,while also holding the FCW Championship as the final champion. He is a former OVW Heavyweight Champion and OVW Television Champion.

Brad has been removed from the roster page and placed in the alumni section of WWE’s website along with Khali.

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