FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes – 11/12/14

UFC-Tonight-logoOn UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier preview UFC 180: WERDUM vs. HUNT and interview headliner Mark Hunt. Plus, they also talk to Cain Velasquez, Anthony Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson and raising star Conor McGregor. Helwani and Bryant add reports.

UFC TONIGHT Host Daniel Cormier on Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt: “It’s going to be a great fight. Fabricio’s been known as a jiu-jitsu guy and he and his coach been working for years trying to round him out. We’re finally seeing the finished product. Whether he’s standing or on the ground, he’s a complete man now. 

UFC TONIGHT Host Florian on Werdum’s improved striking: “Against Travis Browne, he showed the ability to get in and out. He showed a lot of variety with his striking.”

Cormier on Hunt’s strengths: “It doesn’t matter how great your chin is, if Mark Hunt gets his hands on you, he puts you to sleep. There’s a chance we’ll see the patented walk off.”

Florian on Hunt’s striking: “If you want to improve your striking, watch Mark Hunt. He’s so fluid. It’s all about accuracy. He’s looking for the chin from variety of angles and he avoids takedowns. He keeps getting better.”

Mark Hunt on his reaction to getting the title fight: “I was taking the kids to school when I got the call from Dana White. He said there was an opportunity. I said yes before I thought about it – not thinking about tackling the weight, the different time zones, Mexico City being at altitude. I wouldn’t have been happy with myself if I didn’t take the fight.”

Hunt on if this is the biggest fight of his career: “I’ve been at it for 24 years of fighting. This is huge. This is for all the marbles.”

Hunt on how he’ll beat Werdum: “I’m a striker, that’s my background. I can put him out. He’s the submission artist, but this isn’t BJJ. This is mixed martial arts. I don’t care if you have a black belt or red belt, if I can punch you in the face, you’re going to sleep.”

Cain Velasquez on when he decided to pull out of the fight: “My knee was pretty jacked up the whole training camp. I felt it was very unstable. My meniscus was torn. It was pretty bad. I needed to get it fixed.”

Cain Velasquez on if he tried to work through the injury: “I tried everything I could – not wrestling, not doing jiu-jitsu, just boxing. If I can’t do that stuff, I can’t be 100 percent. I don’t want to make the same mistake I did when I fought Dos Santos.”

Cain Velasquez on if it’s tough watching other guys fight for his belt: “For me it’s black and white. I’m going to get to fight the winner, so all I’m thinking about is getting healthy.”

Alexander Gustafsson to Cormier on tips on how to beat Jon Jones “Be fast and work on your footwork. It’ll be a great fight. I can’t wait to see it. I want to beat Jon Jones up more than you.”

Gustafsson on if he’s mad at Cormier for getting the title shot: “There are no hard feelings. I’m not angry. I’m happy for DC. I want him to make the best of it. I was pissed before, because of my injury. I’m excited for my fight.”

Anthony Johnson on how he’ll fight Gustafsson: “I’m knocking him out the fastest way I can. He’s tough. He’s given everyone he’s fought a run for their money and I’m sure he’s going to bring his A-game. I have to make sure my A-game is better than his.”

Johnson on if he’s better in MMA wrestling than Gustafsson: “I’m better. I’ll try to knock him out. People don’t want to see that lay and pray. I’m definitely going to try to bang. I’ll use my wrestling if he gets in too close. But I’m willing to exchange some punches and kicks with him.”

Conor McGregor on if he’s jumped the line to the title: “I don’t really pay attention to that. When they call, I show up. If a fight presents itself, I make a case for it. I could wait for the title shot, but I knew there would be a wait, so I requested another fight. Competing is what I love to do and money is what I love to get.”

McGregor on fighting Dennis Siver next: “He’s a veteran. I think he’s a short, compact fighter. I believe his reaction time has remained the same over his career. I’ll look to capitalize on it. I will prepare, I will show up and I’ll get the job done.”

McGregor on if he’d fight Jose Aldo in Brazil for the title: “I have no problem whatsoever fighting him in Brazil. When I did the Q and A in Brazil, they were screaming at me. I love that. Passion is a beautiful thing and the Brazilian people are passionate people. I’m prepared where ever and whenever, just give me the date and the weight and I’ll show up.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on how Shogun is doing after his tough loss:“He’s feeling pretty bad about the loss. His manager says what frustrates him most is he didn’t get to show off everything that he had been preparing for over the last couple of months. If he had lost after two or three rounds, he would have been able to leave with his head high. His manager says next time he wants him to fight at a catch weight at 195 pounds, and then fight at 185 and it could invigorate his career.”

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