Gold & Stardust put their tag team titles on the line against The Usos inside the steel cage. Dean Ambrose is scheduled to appear, and you know Bray Wyatt can’t be far behind. Will Team Cena or Team Authority find a third member for their upcoming battle at Survivor Series? Ryback the wrecking ball will return. Will Sheamus try to get his title back from Rusev? All this and more tonight on SmackDown.

Stick with us for live updates and results.

The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust – Tag Team Championship

This one is inside the steel cage. Usos working over Goldust pretty good to start, but he ends up hitting a big counter and clothesline. … Goldust continues to work over Jimmy, puts him on the top rope looking for the suplex… Jimmy counters and flattens Goldust with a kick off the ropes. Stardust tags in and gets slammed into the cage by Jey, then hit with a super kick. Goldust eats one too. Stardust fires back and hurts Jey, then climbs the cage. Hey and Stardust on one side of the cage, Jimmy and Goldust on the other side. Goldust gets superplexed off the ropes, Jey comes off the ropes on top of him with the splash but Stardust surprises Jey with the pin.

RESULT: Stardust pins Jey Uso


After seeing the replay of the beatdown put on Randy Orton by Seth Rollins and The Authority on Monday, Kane says imagine if we will do that to one our own, how worse it will be for anyone else who thinks about joining up with Team Cena. Kane then teases a cage match with Dolph Ziggler tonight. Kane says there’s still an open spot on Team Authority. At this point Cesaro walks out and says he’s ┬átheir man. Kane says he wasn’t the superstar he had in mind, but if you’re interested then he will now face Ryback. Cesaro looks quite concerned. No way does Cesaro win this one.

Ryback vs. Cesaro

As predicted Ryback smashes Cesaro, finishing him with a Shell Shock for the pin. Ryback leaves the ring before Kane can come in and make him the offer to join Team Authority. Kane looks perplexed.

RESULT: Ryback pins Cesaro

Adam Rose vs. R-Truth

After the Bunny starts twerking on the apron, Rose is distracted and R-Truth is able to get the pin.  Rose is pissed and takes it out on the Bunny knocking him down, then goes back to dancing with party people and tells the Bunny to come on too.

RESULT: R-Truth pins Adam Rose


Christian with an episode of the Peep Show here to interview Dean Ambrose. Christian asks Ambrose about Wyatt and why he came after him, costing him his Hell in a Cell match against Rollins. Ambrose says he’s not scared of Wyatt and that he doesn’t know him like he thinks he does. Cue the music, the Eater of Worlds appears. Wyatt says he can heal Ambrose like he healed Rowan and Harper. All Ambrose has to do is “take his hand”. “What do you have to lose,” he asks? Ambrose goes after him but Wyatt disappears and reappears behind him and says, “Run!” Lights go out and he’s gone. Oh my.

Natalya vs. Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been getting pretty sweet on Tyson Kidd lately and Tyson is ringside for this one. After talking about himself for a bit at the announcers table during the match, Cole tells Tyson he should be supporting his wife. Tyson said okay and goes to help her at ringside, but seems to distract her and it allows Summer Rae to get the pin. With Nattie and Tyson having marital problems, could we see a storyline where he hooks up with Summer?

RESULT: Summer Rae pins Nattie


NEWS: Ryback to face John Cena on Monday’s RAW

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler

This one’s in the cage. Kane runs Ziggler into the cage and pulls him down as he tries to escape. … Kane flattens him with a big kick but no pin. He removes the turnbuckle cover. Runs at Ziggler, he moves and hits his own head. Ziggler hits a counter but no pin. Ziggler tries to climb out again, but Kane stops him again, but is unable to get the pin. Kane goes for the choke slam, Ziggler escapes and Kane pulls him off the cage wall as he tries to escape. Kane hits him with the choke slam this time. Picks him up for the tombstone piledriver. Ziggler escapes and counters with a Zig Zag but is unable to pin. Ziggler hits a big kick that flattens Kane, and tries to escape. Kane rushes him, Ziggler moves and Kane hits the turnbuckle. Ziggler steps on his shoulders to get to the top of the cage. Kane kicks open the door and Ziggler is hanging on top of it. Ziggler smashes Kane’s head in the door and escapes to the floor to win the match.

RESULT: Ziggler escapes the cage for the win.


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